How it Works / What to Expect

Call me at 512-779-6394 for a free screening/consultation over the phone; this could last anywhere from 10-30 minutes or so. Before we begin communicating be aware that I am legally allowed or even obliged to break confidentiality under some unusual circumstances. Although this is extremely rare as the result of an initial phone consultation, such circumstances include if you were to:


  • convince me that you or someone else is in imminent, grave danger;

  • tell me about the physical or sexual abuse of a child or elderly or disabled person that has not yet been reported to authorities.


Note that I do not have to report all instances of abuse; for example, if the victim is now an adult and no other potential victims are apparently in danger. Allegations of neglect or emotional abuse can be relatively ambiguous and may therefore demand less urgency and more information gathering to determine if a report is warranted.         

In any event, if our telephone consultation suggests I can help you and we decide to continue then we’ll make an appointment to meet at my office for a more formal assessment comprised of structured interviews and personality/symptom testing. (Office hours are listed in the footer below but additional times may be available.) I do require this assessment prior to beginning counseling! It can take 2 hours or longer to complete, for which I bill $175 upon completion, but I feel strongly that the assessment will save both time and money in the long run.  

Although it is customary for potential clients to find the telephone consultation adequate to commit to counseling, I regard the in-person assessment as an extension of the telephone consultation/screening. Therefore, if at any time during the in-person assessment you change your mind you can still opt-out and not owe me anything. I simply believe it's fair that you get a better feel for me and the environment before committing to something as important as counseling. (Of course, if you're seeing me for a psychological evaluation only then this policy would not apply as such.)  


Next we'll make our appointment for our first 50-minute session. At some point during the interim you will need to complete the Informed Consent to Treatment (Counseling) and the Client Contact forms. I bill $125 for individual sessions payable at the time of each session unless we have made special arrangements (cash, check, or debit/credit). Our first session will involve, at least, reviewing the results of your assessment and outlining a treatment plan.    

Available times for appointments, whether counseling or evaluations, are posted below. As noted, additional times may be negotiable; don't hesitate to inquire! 

Office & Contact Info

1301 S. Capital of Texas Hwy

(Hwy 360)

Suite #C-130

Austin, TX 78746


Call anytime; if I miss you & you leave a message I'll return your call as soon as possible.

Hours of operation:


Monday - Friday: 10 - 7

Saturday - Sunday: 10 - 4