Psychological Evaluations

In addition to counseling I’m available for general psychological evaluations, primarily for personal purposes but possibly for other, more formal reasons involving third parties and such. Contact me for a free consultation at 512-779-6394.

Note, however, that I don't routinely conduct evaluations for worker’s compensation, nor for many legal proceedings (e.g., family court). That said, many circumstances are particular and I may be available, depending.     

Fees for a psychological evaluation can vary widely depending on the issue at hand and the necessary extent of testing and the length of the associated report. I bill $300 for the most basic evaluation (i.e., face-to-face interviews, personality testing, and a brief report). More extensive evaluations can cost significantly more, especially if a lengthy report is warranted. For reference, few of the more comprehensive evaluations I conduct are more than $1200.    

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